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Diagnotes, Inc. is an Indianapolis-based health IT company with a HIPAA-compliant mobile communication system that gives medical groups the tools to improve communication among providers, patients and staff. The Diagnotes system is available on smartphones, tablets and the web and is comprised of five interlocking components: secure texting, provider scheduling, clinical documentation, answering service automation and EHR integration. By enabling more effective communication, Diagnotes increases revenue, decreases cost, and enhances both provider and patient experience. We created original concept behind Diagnotes. We were involved from idea phase to the beta testing phase and to marketing phase of the product.
Financial transactions with physicians are one of – if not the most high-risk areas for a health care provider. In order to maintain compliance, health care providers not only have to enter into transactions with physicians that are at Fair Market Value and address community need, but they also have to ensure going forward that the physicians are meeting the terms of the contract. This includes completing assigned duties, meeting the minimum number of hours if specified, submitting time sheets by their due dates and not exceeding the contractual caps for payment. CareAscend application platform’s unique tools facilitate the success of Medical Directors, Administrators and the Chief Medical Officer in your facilities. CareAscend provides the tools and resources to document Medical Directors efforts and to see the impact they are creating on a daily basis in your facilities. CareAscend understands the roles of all of the key players in improving the care quality and provides all necessary tools. Live dashboards helps to review the Medical Directors performance and also the performance of all facilities. Direct communication platform will keep Medical Directors in touch with the facility leaders and the Chief Medical Officer. The On-the-Go training platform will provide the most evidence-based answers to key problems in post-acute and long-term care setting. CareAscend eliminates inefficient and outdated time-tracking procedures and replaced them with convenient and efficient digital processes to submit administrative hours for each facility. Automated report submission to your AP department will assure timely payment for Medical Director’s services. Our CMS and PBJ Report compliant automation assures your full compliance at all times.
DigiBio is an innovative application platform to optimize the data collection from patients during -
  • Clinical Trials – generate companion digital information
  • Patient Outcome Measures – capture individualized patient information in outpatient/home settings (Precision Medicine)
  • Research Activities – gather information from volunteers supporting disease understanding and supporting hypothesis generation (opt-in volunteer trials)
  • Clinical Trials – generate companion digital information
  • Clinical Trials – generate companion digital information
The platform is in Web, iOS and Android platforms and allows to collect data from -
  • Survey instruments (e.g. pain, depression scale, quality of life ...)
  • Tasks (e.g. spatial memory, gait & balance, reaction time etc.)
  • Environment – captured with individual consent, but no individual interaction (e.g. activity, temperatures, mobility, data from HealthKit connected devices/apps – fitbit®, pulse, nutrition, weight, ...)

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